Kind Cleansing Wipes


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Kind microfibre cleaning wipes wash away more than just make up. Use AM to clean and prep skin for makeup or use PM to remove makeup, including mascara and lipstick. Kind Cleaning Wipes are ideal for wiping away face masks and cream exfoliants.

Easy to use and easy to wash. Machine washable up to 200 times. Wipes can be used with cleansers or just water. A perfect partner to our zero waste Melt Bar (launching soon). Each pack contains 3 different coloured cleansing wipes.

  • White wipe - AM cleansing, mask removal, exfoliator removal

  • Taupe wipe - Great from light makeup, BB creams and non waterproof mascara

  • Black wipe - perfect for heavy duty cleaning, medium to full coverage makeup, heavy eye makeup and waterproof mascara.

For a quick clean between uses, hand soap and a bit of a scrub is all you need. Weekly machine washing is recommended to keep extra clean and fresh.

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